Brave Martyed BSF soldier Shambhu Satmuras’s body reach Agartala.

25.11.16. Agartala: BSF 107 no battalion’s brave young soldier lost his life on a mine explosion tuesday evening in Jamia Wali Gari area of Sawjain sector of Poonch of Jammu & kashmir. He reside in Pratapgarh of tripura with his family. Today morning at around 12pm with a large crowd his body brings with a rally on his Pratapgarh home. neighbours and the peoples of various regions gathers in front of his resident to see and participate in the large journey of brave soldier Shambhu Satmura who lost his life in Indo Pakistan border on duty. Large crowd of peoples showing condole and salute his bravery. BSF, Bangladesh BGB, CRPF, Tripura Police, Political, Non-Political leaders of different parties showing deep condolence to the Martyed family.

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