Comparison – Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi

Comparison – The term itself signifies a common platform where two or more individual/material/object or whatever are assessed on the basis of the strong and weak points of each of them. With the impending 2014 elections, and with the Huge unpopularity of the Honorable Prime Minister over the issue of Being a PM, the general question has come over. The question is – Who deserves to be the Next Prime minister of the Largest Democracy of the World, India.

Unless Anna Hazare comes up with his special magic of creating a new Political Party, it appears that the main contest will be between UPA and BJP Govt. BJP is still to decide on their Prime Ministerial Candidate, but the Sole name which came out is Mr. Narendra Modi, the Extra-Ordinary figure, who has changed the face of Gujarat and turned it out to be one of the Fastest Developing Cities not only in India but one among the World. Against him a expected candidate and a strong one is the Golden boy of UPA, the Gandhi Scion, Mr. Rahul Gandhi. Mr. Gandhi has already shown up his Image as a Youth Leader and was successful in mobilizing and leading the Next Gen UPA Youth Leaders of India, consisting of Jyotiraditya  Scindia, Agatha Sangma and many more. So, let’s have a comparison between the two.

Sl. Points Mr. Modi Mr. Gandhi
1. Political Party Support After the retirement of Veteran leader and Former Prime Minister of India, Mr. Atal Bihari Bajpayee, BJP has been struggling to even find a suitable leader for their Party. Although many leader within BJP do not support the way of execution of Mr. Modi, he seems to be the only man who can be fit for the Post, unless Mr. Advani gives it a desperate last Try at the age of 84. Being the Scion of the Gandhi family, being the son and the Grandson of former Prime Ministers of India and very importantly being the Son of Smt. Sonia Gandhi, who is presently the President of Indian National Congress, he will be someone who can claim the full support of his team once he is decided to be the candidate.
2. India Against Corruption Support In the Current Political Scenario of India, we cannot rule out point that whomever IAC supports, will get some extra Advantage. IAC has never said that they support BJP, but Anna himself have praised Mr. Modi for his marvelous work in Gujarat. So if he is the Prime Ministerial candidate, we might expect a bit of their Support, if not fully. IAC’s campaign is against corruption and presently Govt. is their prime target where they have proved many UPA leaders to be corrupt. So it is obvious that anyone can get IAC’s support, but not Mr. Gandhi
3. Work/Activities/Achievements When the Name of Mr. Modi comes in, I bet, even Mr. Gandhi won’t be saying a word regarding the phenomenal work he has done for Gujarat. Agriculture, Manufacturing, IT, Tourism, Social development – infact he has worked for the development of the state in every field.
So if the point of Activities is concerned, Mr. Modi is the only choice in whole India.
At only 40, Mr. Gandhi has still not got the opportunity to execute any developmental work. So unless we give him the opportunity, we cannot speak about his abilities.
Although, he has shown quite a good job in mobilizing the Youth of the Country and this activity has claimed him to be the Youth Icon of India
4. Image We should always understand that a Prime Minister is not only known for his work, but for being the PM, the Image that someone possesses is also of utmost importance.
Mr. Modi has formulated his image to be a determined man with the Desire and more importantly ability to do betterment for the People. Speaking of the negative side, he is image is hugely tainted regarding the 2002 Gujarat Riots. But again, with Supreme court clearing him of all the charges, his image will be revived a lot.
At least till the last few months, Mr. Gandhi’s image was that of the Next-Gen India. His actions, body language, way of speaking in the Parliament, clearly revealed him as a strong personality. Very importantly being Gandhi scion, his image is 100% to the Hard core Congress followers.
But over his inability to handle the Situation regarding Jan Lokpal Bill and his extended speech during the Zero hour while Anna was on fast, have undoubtedly lowered his image to a lot.
5. Age and Experience Born in 1950, Mr. Modi is around 60+, Mr. Modi does have his experience as a Plus point Although Rahul is only 40+, he still does show promise. It’s the People of India to decide whether this promise is Good Enough.
6. Negativity It is not a hidden fact that BJP does not have a clear support from one section of the society and vice-versa. So before the elections also, this section will obviously think of their future and safety and thus the BJP will most probably lose more that 20 Crore votes without any fight at all. UPA Govt. has made Secularity as their USP. So, this is a huge advantage to gather more votes.
But the main problem with their image is their corrupt Ministers and associates. Even if Mr. Gandhi shows extreme willingness to stop corruption, it’s still a big doubt whether he can go against the vote bank of such corrupt leaders.

These are some of the points, but definitely not all. This is just a small observation from a neutral point of view and never a judgment. I would appreciate more and more views on this which will help me in clearing my personal doubts as well.

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