Corruption- A Small Comparison..


Its easy to generalize the act of corruption, but tougher is to point out the examples. Being an Indian, I know that corruption is rampant in every part of the Country – from Top to Bottom. But let me point out 2 places where sheer Endeavour of the Govt. is responsible for the development of the development of the State.


Gujarat – Although Mr. Narendra Modi have been criticized for the Deadly Riot some time back, but what he has done for the last few years have been exemplary. With the Idea of Zero toleration for Corruption, this man has single handedly worked for the development of the People in every sector – from Agriculture to Infrastructure, from IT to Mobility, from Tourism to Manufacturing—all the sectors are booming like heaven. Its never like he has got extra funds or got extra-ordinary people, but what he has done is – channelizing the funds and recreate Money from Money. And all this at the expense of two simple concepts


  • Honest Intension and determination
  • Zero tolerance against corruption


Tripura – Trust me, I am the last person to be politically inclined, but what the Govt. has done in the State of Tripura, India is really noteworthy. Tripura, a place land locked on all sides and at the extreme corner of North-East India, is of least political or Economic significance w.r.t. India as a whole. During our teens, we could not go for a tour at the outskirts of Agartala in the fear of Terrorist activities. This had a direct impact on the socio-economic life of the State. The Night-Super Bus service, which ran between Agartala and North Tripura has been totally removed and never renewed. The people staying in South or North Tripura were really at a harsh situation, especially if there was any need to come to the Capital.


All these have been solved to a large extent by the proper work of the Govt. The terrorism has been completely eradicated. The result of this is proper communication between North to South Tripura. The Govt. heaven introduced the much awaited Rail line, which is on the verge of further extension. The roads at the capital are really good. There are many more incidents/examples. Everyone has got their shortcomings, so does our Govt. have. But what they have done in the last is really noteworthy..

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