WASE Programs for Graduates

Hi All – Please don’t consider this one as an advertisement. I thought of sharing this piece of info to my Brothers and Sisters from Tripura.

This one is for all those who have recently Graduated in BSc. Or BCA and want to have a career in IT.

We generally have a conception that in order to go IT/Software field, we need to be Engineers. But there is an Alternative as well. I guess in all the Big companies this option is there, but here I am mentioning about Wipro. The program is called WASE.

In WASE, Wipro takes in Science Graduate students or BCA Guys and recruits them as their Employee. Although they are not highly paid during this period, but they directly get the Project Experience or Industry Experience whatever u call it. But this is not all, This WASE is a 4 yr program, on successful completion of which the people get MS Degree from BITS Pilani.

So at the End of 4 years what do these guys get –

  1. 4 Years Industry Experience
  2. MS Degree from BITS Pilani
  3. Salary Increment at the End of Each year.

I look into this in the following way

  1. B.Tech Degree – 12 yrs in School + 4 years B.Tech = 16 years
  2. WASE – 12 years School + 3 years Graduation + 4 years WASE = 19 years à Masters Degree + 4 years of Industry Experience.

So considering all these it does not seem to be a bad deal for Graduate Guys.

Just an FYI – WASE Interviews will start this year from 1st week of August…

I hope this article might help u people. Any clarifications needed, do drop a comment here.

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