Traditional Dances of Tripura


The love and attachment of the people of Tripura for music and dance is a common feature. The music and dances of Tripura shows the out burst of the emotions of the people related to harvest or worship pr in some cases wars and marriages. Different Communities have different form of dances with different dresses, ornaments etc. For instance, Garia is a dance of the Tribes for the prosperity of the people. Below are some of the special dances of different Communities.

Garia :-

This is a Dance form of Koloi, Tripuri and Jamatia communities. This dance is performed on the beats of drums during Garia Puja festival which begins on the last day of the month of ‘Chaitra’.

Lebang Boomani :-

This is a dance form performed by the Tripuries before the monsoon season. This is a dance festival in which Tribal youths gets indulge in catching charming colourful insects called ‘Lebang’. The male folks make a peculiar rhythmic sound with the help of two bamboo chips in their hands, the womenfolk run tottering the hill slopes to catch this Lebangs.

Hozagiri :-

Hozagiri dance is a dance form performed by the women of Reang Community.

This is a dance of balance, dediction and subtle expertise. This type of dance is generally performed during new harvest and worship of Goddess Laxmi. This is basically a female dance. The experts have related it to the Kuchipudi and Manipuri dance forms. It has the potential to be compered with any classical dance of our country.

Bijhu Dance :-

It is the most popular dance of the Chakmas. It is a religious devotional dance performed at the compound of a Tempel with the accoumpany of ‘Dhul’, ‘Flute’ and some bamboo made instruments. This dance is marked by sudden lull in between different from other dances.


This dance is performed by the Lushai (Mizo) girls in honour of one dying an untimely death, between and across a pair of horizontal bamboos or pestles which are held by two persons, one sitting at each end, who continuously  raise and lower them twice and bring them together twice in regular rhythm.


This is popular mainly in the rural areas. During the ‘Chaitra Sankranti’, people dressed like Shiva and Gouri perform such form of dances, where Lord Shiva is projected with “trishul” and “damru”. The performers dresses in loin cloth painting the face in white wearing matted artificial hair on head. The boy playing the role of Gouri wears red saree and holds a plate in one hand. The dancers perform in every houses and  collect rice, money etc for “Charak Mela” organised on the last day of the month of ‘Chaitra”.


Dhamail is a dance of harmony. This is a very popular group dance of the womenfolk irrespective of caste and community. This is not an instrument oriented dance, but is dominated by good rhythm and tune maintained by clapping and stepping. It is performed to praise God and also give festive mood to happy occasions like marriages and other ceremonies.

Rabindra Dance:-

This is a very popular dance among the Bengalees and Tribals, named after the great poet Rabindranath Tagore. The relationship of “Kavi Guru” with Tripura inspired the people of Tripura to take up this form of dance with Rabindra Sangeet. Inspired from the Manipuri dance form Kavi guru Rabindranath Tagore initiated such form of dance in Shantiniketan.

Lai Haraoba:-

Lai Haraoba dance is performed by the dancers of Manipuri community during their Lai Haraoba festival. This is an old form of Manipuri dance, dedicated to Gods and Goddesses of pre-Vaishnab era. This is an integral part of Manipuri traditional culture.

Ras Leela:-

Ras leela performed by the Manipuris is a wonderful creation of Indian classical dance forms.The dazzling decorative costumes of Radha, Krishna and Gopis are the most attractive parts of this dance forms. This dance is performed by the Manipuris during the Ras Utsav. The rhythm, music and tune of this dance is unique and is very popular worldwide.

Pung Cholam:-

This dance form is unique and the rhythm of this dance of the Manipuris have a very significant role in the socio-religious and cultural life of the Manipuris. The performers dance with ‘Mridanga’ hanging from the neck with gestures with white turban on their head. This dance is very intricate and requires long practice.

Sari Dance:-

Sari dance is an integral part of the people of Muslim community where livelihood of the people depends more or less on river and water. This dance is closely connected with the boat race and other works like fishing, planting etc. The rhythm of flowing water can be discovered from the music and songs of sari dance.

Jari Dance:-

It is a group dance performed by the male members of the Muslim community. A long tale is the main content of Jari songs. This traditional dance is performed with Jari songs which are related to grief.This dance with sad songs is performed in the eve of “Muharram”.


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