India Against Corruption…Baba Ramdev Chapter..

I am neither a Politics Fanatic nor do I have a good General Knowledge. I believe in facts and have faith in the works that a person does.

When Anna Hazare started his fast, the modern India was taken by shiver. People say that they have seen 21st Century Gandhiji. And rightly he did it. At a time when the west is busy demonstrating it Missile power, Anna, almost single handedly shook the entire Indian Govt. and forced them to take some action which they should have taken long back. Thus Lokpal Bill was Introduced and with it started India against Corruption. The action of Anna was hailed by a Billion Indian.

Then came Baba Ramdev Chapter. The Yogi Maestro, who is already a Godly figure World over, is assisting Anna in his Movement Against Corruption. It is now his turn to put forward his demands. With the motto to end Corruption in India, he decides to follow Anna’s footsteps and decided to go on Fasting. His main demand is to Get all the Black money that is held in Swiss banks back to India. The amount is big enough to revive the entire Economy of India overnight.

People have already started blaming him, saying him a Businessman, saying that he earns money by selling Yoga, that he is doing all these to move into politics etc etc. I have few points to make at this moment.

  1. Ramdev as a person : I dont know how do we blame a person who has helped a billion Indians with the help of yoga. A person who made us believe that how Strong was Ancient Indian Ayurveda, and that it has the cure to even Cancer and he even Proved that. The act of Kapalbhati has become a day to day activity of Millions and all that for free over Television.
  2. Business : Is it like Ashtha channel gives the Entire channel free for Baba Ramdev’s Activity? Is it like all the classes he organizes, or all the staffs he recruits are all funded by the Govt. or the opposition or someone else? Is it like all the medicine that he prepares are freely available? If not, then what mistake is he doing in Getting money from People. Even in Indian Mythology there is “Gurudakshina” for teaching. Tell me the name of a Single doctor who cures his patients for free, he cant, as he even needs to earn his livelyhood.
  3. Politics :
    • Other Politicians Views: I don’t under why all the politicians are so much afraid of him getting into politics. Are they afraid that Ramdev’s Party, headed by Anna Hazare has the capability to overthrew all the existing Parties?
    • General Public View : We do blame Politicians for not doing anything. We blame them for being corrupt. But none of us dares to plunge into the Mud and Try to clean it up. Now when a person with such a stature and backed by Anna Himself, comes into the idea of getting into politics why are the people blaming him saying all his activities are politics oriented?

A single person might not be with much of abilities, but a handful is always a punch, and a group of Punches can bring on any revolution any time. The renaissance that occurred in Europe during 14th – 18th Century, I guess its the time for India to bring it on. Lets help Anna, Baba Ramdev and Entire India against Corruption Team.

Lets hope for a corruption free India.

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