Review Balaji – performance in IPL4, IPLT20

Cricket is more Batsmen oriented game and that’s the reason people say that bowlers have very few to do when a batman is on form. When Stuart Broad was hit for 6 sixes in an over, you could even forgive him as it came of shear genius of Yuvi. Broad did try to bowl properly and all balls were good length ones andtrying to be positive. But what we saw today was, for me, a utter non-sense. A disrespect to the Excellent batting performance by his fellow Team Mates and a sense of hopelessness for All the Fans of KKR. How can a guy bowl 3 full-toss balls in last over, of which 2 went for thick edge into the boundary and one came of the last ball for a Big six, and thus shattering all the hopes of KKR and leaving them in utter demoralized state just before the semis. I don’t know how this will be interpreted by the reviews of Cricketing Genius but I really dint like his performance, neither his attitude.

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