Rabindranath and Tripura

Since time inception the tribal ruler of Tripura were not only the patrons of art and culture, but a number of them were great exponents in different creative fields. The modern era began with Maharaja Birchandra Manikya who was a man of art, culture and creative activities. Maharaja Birchandra after losing his wife Bhanumati Devi was passing through a phase of deep sorrow and shocks. During this stage of sorrow the composition of verse by “Bhagna Hriday” made the Maharaja to get introduced with the wonderful creation of Rabindranath Tagore, the versatile genius and famous Nobel Laureate. Thus began the intimate relationship the princely state of Tripura with Tagore.

The beauty of history of Tripura attracted Rabindranath Tagore to the princely state of Tripura for (7) seven times. He visited Tripura in invitation of the contemporary ruler .The Close relation of Tagore with this state and for four successive rulers forms an important chapter in the history of Tripura.

From Bir Chandra Manikya to Bir Bikram Manikya, the kings of Tripura had extended generous financial support to Rabindranath to fulfill his dream regarding “Viswa Bharati” at Shantiniketan. This assistance took the form of annual grants renowned artist Like Dhirendra Kisore Debbarman and the Manipuri dance expert Buddhimanta Singh, were deputed to “Viswa Bharati” as contribution from Tripura. Maharaja Bir Bikram, accompanied by other royal personage, visited “Viswa Bharati” and conferred the title of “Bharat Bhaskar” to Rabindranath Tagore.

The unique bondage of love and affection between the people of Tripura and Rabindranath is never ending. The famous works like “Bisharjan”, “Rajarshi” and “Mukut’ are based on the events of the Royal family of Tripura.Rabindranath is still an inspiration for the both tribal and non tribal residing here. A grateful poet was effusive in his praise of the kings and the people of Tripura. On the auspicious occasion of the poet’s 150th birth anniversary the people of Tripura are reminded of the poet’s immortal lines on the state: “when the woodlands of Tripura have sent out invitations to their floral feast through their courier of the south wind, I have come as a friend”.

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