Durga Family prepared by carving soaps at Agartala.

Durga family prepared by soap at agartala. Photo/Abhishek debbarma.

Durga family prepared by soap at agartala. Photo/Abhishek debbarma.

Agartala,10.10.13: A new creation of the year,2013, the idol of Devi Durga along with her children made of LUX SOAP. Total sculpted of this idol by carvings on the soap and fixed it on the board with fevicol. While making this idol Artist Samiran De tried to follow the designs of Lord Buddha of Pilak which was found after the archaeological excavation in South Tripura to some extent and added some self improvised designs to it. On making this idol he was helped by his wife and daughter. This time the theme of Artist dedicates “WORLD PEACE”. Artist Samiran De says “This world is suffering from violence every other day for different reasons and it becomes very much important to foster peace and amity in the world and the projection of Lord Buddha is the best option for that. So all the deities are seen in the Mudra (gesture) of Lord Buddha. Besides that, the white colour of the idols symbolizes peace. And where there is peace, there is joy everywhere. So the gestures of all the pets of the deities reveal that they’re in the mood of full ecstasy”. The soap is not only used in an unconventional way and get the white effect but also to symbolize the cleaning of the impurities from our mind as soap cleans our body from all sorts of dirt. The message is ,”LET ALL THE IMPURITIES OF OUR MIND BE WIPED OUT WITH THE HELP OF GOODWILL AND LETS MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE”.

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