Take a look at the gifts received by the Men in Blue

The Winner of Cricket World Cup 2011 – India. Men in blue, as they are normally called, have already created history by winning the cup after a long wait of 28 years. This

world cup has brouhgt a huge pride on the People of India, the people for whom cricket is a religion. So its now their turn to return the favour to their religious Gurus.

So, lets take a look on the Gifts and prizes and honor that they have received as an World Cup After Affect

Full Team –

  • Rs. 1 Crore each from BCCI
  • Lifetime Train Travel in 1st class from Raiway Department
  • Plots in Karnataka
  • Hyundai Cars for each – by Hyundai


  • Rs. 2 Crore from Delhi CM Sheila Dixit
  • Honorory Docorate by Jharkhand Govt.
  • Stadium will be named after him in Jharkhand
  • 1 Plot in Dehradun
  • Ad rates of Dhoni has increased from Rs. 5-6 Crores to Rs. 15 Crores (Shahrukh’s rates are around 10 Crores)

Yuvraj –    Luxurious Audi Car

Raina and Piush – Rs. 1 Core each by Mayavati Govt.

Viru, Gambhir, Nehra and Virat – 2 Crore each orate by Jharkhand Govt.

Sachin –    The Entire India is His. What else does he need.

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