With Hatred spilled all around, with the temper at its supreme, with the rivalry – unmatched and with the excitement at its extreme, the Semi-final between India and Pakistan 2011 became a memorable piece in the history of both Indians and Pakistanis.

With me as no exception, every Indian thought of wining the World Cup, but more importantly – beating Pakistan. A sense of rivalry – which originated from the time of partition, the rage which has been fueled by the Terrorist master minds, has obviously shown its head in the playground and thus turning it virtually into a battlefield.

But I am not here to discuss on the rage and rivalry, but something I saw, which really thought me to think otherwise..

Just look into the Video, I am unable to attach it out here. I don’t know whether Afridi said it out of diplomacy or what, but this thing really changed my feeling feeling for the guy.

Just take a look

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