Updated Tripura Assembly Election Results

Agartala, 28.02.2013: Reports updated at 01:50 pm:

At 01:50 pm, the status is known for 60 out of 60 Assembly Seats. The ruling CPI(M) has already won 43 seats whereas Indian National Congress has won 7 seat till now. Reports say that INC is leading in 3 seats whereas CPI(M) is leading in 6 seats and thus providing us with a clear indication of Win.

So, its is now clear that Tripura will be under CPI(M) for the 7th Time

Tripura Result Status
Status Known For 59 out of 60 Constituencies
Party Won Leading Total
Communist Party of India 1 0 1
Communist Party of India (Marxist) 43 6 49
Indian National Congress 7 3 10

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