Next only to Sonia Gandhi

Agartala, 20.01.2013 [Agency]: From General Secretary to the post of Vice President – Rahul Gandhi  is elevated to the power which is next only to his mother. The 42 year old youth leader was today chosen as Vice President of the Congress Party in its Jaipur Conclave.


With virtual sole-power, the wheel is back on track to follow the footsteps of Jawharlal,Indira and Rajib. In the backdrop, remains the silent but determined role of a iron lady tenderly nurturing her son to mature and fulfill the aspirations of the millions as expected of a Nehru-Gandhi successor. When hundreds of well wishers congratulate Rahul, the affectionate mother sheds tears, as she knows-‘power begets poison’. After his maiden address as Vice President, when Rahul is busy hugging the aged leaders on the dais, the mother points her fingure towards the spreading hands of the followers bellow. A caveat-“Never forget the real source of power”.

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