Achievements of Fishery in Tripura


SL. NO ITEM UNIT STATUS IN 2006-2007 STATUS IN 2007-2008
1. Fish Production@ MT 28634 32830
2. Demand of fish(@13 KG per capita) MT 42600 43280


Average Productivity

i) Culture Fisheries

ii) Capture Fisheries







4. Availability of Fish Kg per capita 8.7 9.86
5. Available culture Fisheries resources Ha 15160 17132.91
6. Production of Major Carp Fish seed Lakhs 2407.23 2533.0


  1. Increase in fish productivity:   The fish production in the state has increased in 2007-2008; registering a growth of 14.65%.The objective of the programme is to accelerate the production of fish by motivating fish farmers on improved method of fish-culture techniques. The different fish culture systems adopted in Tripura through undertaking continuous demonstration programmes like:

i) Composite fish culture.
ii) Semi Intensive fish culture,
iii) Integrated fish culture with pigs/ducks,
iv) Polyculture of fish with Prawn,
v) Hi-tech/ intensive fish culture.


Physical Achievement of the components are as follows, 

i) Development of Model Aquaculture villages,
ii) Development of Special Aquaculture villages,
iii) Development of Prawn village.
iv) Entrepreneurship development among SHGS,
v) Supply of basic first year fishery inputs for fish culture in private water bodies and water bodies in forest areas.
vi) Supply of fishing materials in model Aquaculture villages.

Component wise physical achievement is as follows

Name of the component Physical achievement(2007-08)
Production of major carp fish seed (in lakhs) a) Govt Sector  :   165.27

b) Coop sector   :    21.05

c) Private Sector: 2346.72

Total                 :   2533.04

Production of Prawn seed Juvenile (in Lakhs) 7.534
Production of seed of Pabda fish at Govt Sector (in Lakhs) 0.11
Production of Ornamental Fishes in Govt Hatchery (in Lakhs) 0.227
Supply of Fishery inputs for production of major Carp fish seed in private water bodies of remote areas 201 Units covered under this programme


  1. Production of Fish seed and Prawn seed:
  2. Development of Fisheries in open water-bodies,
  3. Reclamation of water bodies,
  4. Creation of new water bodies,
  5. Fisheries training and exposure visit,
  6. Fisheries extension activities,
  7. Welfare for fishermen communities,
  8. Formation of Fishery based SHGs,
  9. Development of post-harvest facilities,
  10. Swarojgar credit-card,
  11. Achievements in tribal sub-plan sector,
  12. Achievement in special component plan,
  13. Strengthening of fisheries infrastructure,

i)  Establishment of fish seed manufacturing plant,
ii) Setting up of soil & water testing laboratories,
iii) Construction of new market sheds.

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