Who will be Congress’s Prime Ministerial Candidate for 2014 elections?

With the incumbent 2014 elections, two of the biggest problems which will be faced by Congress dominated UPA Government will be – to sort out its Prime Ministerial Candidate. It has been seen time and again that a party as a whole wins an election, but they do need to project some figure as their leader. They need to project someone who is just like an icon, a person whom people will follow by heart and would support the party with the hope that “This Guy would surely bring about a change worth mentioning”. Having said that, lets take a quick list of Probable Candidates from our point of view.

1. The First Choice should have been Mr. Pranab Mukherjee. But with him being selected as the 13th President of India, the 1st and probably the best choice is ruled out.

2. Sonia Gandhi – Come on..Lets admit this. If she had to be in the chair, then she would have really been there in 2004 or at max in 2009. Reasons may be any, but we can definitely assume that she is not the PM candidate. She would always be the King/Queen maker, but not the Queen herself.

3. P.Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal, Digvijay Singh, Sharad Pawar – Even a lay man like me with least political knowledge would say that it does not even seem to be an option to be considered for reasons better untold.

4. Young brigade like Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia, Sachin Pilot or someone of this stature – Really doubt, as Mrs. Gandhi would never let his Son down with such a decision. She would never let anyone of his son’s stature assume a superior position than him.

5. Somone from Strong Ally Brigad like Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mamata Banerjee – How is this even possible that Congress would even allow someone to dictate over them when they are the majority.

6. Dr. Manmohan Singh – When Dr. Singh took over the Prime Minister’s chair in 2004, he was seen as such a gentlemen that no one would even dare to raise a finger at his integrity, ability or Personality. A man of extra ordinary Genius, Education and Gentlemanship, Dr. Singh is undoubtedly a great Politician. But it seems like he has lost all his credibility by keeping his mouth shut for the entire period of his Prime Ministerial Tenure till today. When you are in the commanding position of a family, you do need to take over some responsibility, you need to speak out, moreover you need to make decision. If you want to be just good a guy by following silence, then better dont be the head of a family, and thats what is the general conception. But Dr. Singh has proved his inability as a PM, so much so that even in Times Magazine he has been termed as an “UnderAchiever” – Such a shame. Would Congress like to project such a person as a PM anymore? This is really a good question specially in a dicey situation with the absence of an alternative.

7. Now comes one the most probable term : The Gandhi Scion, Son of Former Prime Minister Rajib Gandhi and the King Maker Sonia Gandhi, GrandSon of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Great Grandson of 1st Prime Minister of Independent India Jawaharlal Nehru, the Gandhi Scion – Rahul Gandhi. There is so much prefix to his name, but it hardly seems that there is any other achievement associated with him. When Rahul Gandhi spoke about getting Nuclear Power in India in the Parliament, he was undoubtedly thought of to be leader of Next Gen Congress. But with his attitude of staying under the cover of other veterans and not taking any blow directly, he has lost his credibility as well. Moreover with the huge loss of election in UP against a less familiar name of Akhilesh Yadav, his popularity has decreased a lot. But again, if he is not projected this time, then would congress place his name. Time seems to be running out of his hand. So, with the support of his Mother and the backing of Entire Congress, he seems to be one of the most preferable Congress Candidate for Prime Ministerial Post.

8. Now Now Now, as many people might not have thought off, who knows- another name might get projected. Sonia Gandhi has always been known to be a perfect politician and she might play out the grand stroke this time by projecting None other than Her and Rajib’s own Daughter – Priyanka Bhadra (Gandhi). With a look which representing the mighty Indira Gandhi, with Awesome a personality and more importantly no bad track record, she certainly satisfies all the conditions along with the most condition of being a person of Madam’s Choice. Priyanka has recently joined active politics and could well be seen along with his Mother and Brother in the Major events. And when you have Gandhi Blood running in your veins, no one needs to teach you politics.

But who knows what is running within the Brain of Madam Gandhi. Obviously she would be thinking something special, something which is unthinkable, but good for Congress. May be this is why she is the King maker, may be this is why she is the chief of Congress, and that is why she is Sonia Gandhi

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