How to make BSNL Broadband connection “Always On”- Router configuration!!

Always On – BSNL Broadband

Many of us have wondered over how to make your BSNL broadband connection such that you do not need to need to dial each time to connect to your broadband. One more requirement being – unless you have Always on connection, you wont be able to connect multiple PCs to internet at the same time. So here is the procedure to do so.

Although the process is quite similar for all types of modems, I have used it in the following Model
Model Name : AN1020-20 (BSNL Type 1 Modem with 4 LAN Ports)


Open your Browser, that is, IE or Mozilla and type in the address bar.Press Enter. This will open your router/Modem’s Home Page.
Default Username: admin
Default Password: admin

Step 2:
Navigate to Configuration->Internet Connection->Connections. You will find that there will be a PVC name like dataone with VPI/VCI- 0/35. Please note – The PVC name might vary, infact the person who configures your router/modem can give any PVC name.

Step 3:
Click the edit Button corresponding to Dataone. Change the VCI value from 35 to any value like 38. Keep on pressing theĀ  “Next” button few times without making any more changes and finally press “Apply”.
Step 4:

Again navigate to Configuration->Internet Connection->Connections. Click on the Add Button at the bottom of the page. Enter any PVC name like BSNLBB. Enter VCI = 35. Don’t change any other detail. Press “Next”.

Step 5:
Select PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) and press “Next”

Step 6:
Don’t change any value in the next page and press “Next”

Step 7:
Enter the following details.

Service Name: broadband (Note: you can enter any name here except the name that is marked in red in step 1 for your router).
Broadband User Name: Your broadband username (generally it is of the following format – if your city id is agt and your phone no. is 2222222, then the username is agt2222222). Please confirm your username with BSNL office.
Password: The default password is “password” without the quotes. in case you have changed the password, please enter your new password.

Please check the “Always On” radio button and press “Next”.

Step 8:
In the next Screen, Press “Apply”. Please restart your Browser.

Once you have pressed the “Apply” button, you can see the new connection name in the following link Configuration->Internet Connection->Connections.

Once the router is restarted, you can enjoy using internet without dialing up the connection.

Disclaimer: Please note, the configurations migh

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