A REVOLUTION IN POTATO CULTIVATION True Potato Seeds or T.P.S are tiny botanical seed of potato substitutes a bulky quantity of Potato seed tuber.    Why T.P.S.??  100 grams is sufficient to cover one hectare instead of planting 2-2.5 tons of Potato seed tuber. Being hybrid capable of giving more production. Absolutely diseases free […]

Cultivation Techniques

The Horticulture Department has Issued a lot of leaflets regarding the cultivation of various products for the benefit of the common people.


Tripura is endowed with favorable climatic conditions which offer immense scope for cultivation of various kinds of Horticultural crops including fruits, vegetables, spices, nuts, flowers and other ornamentals. The horticultural sector has been establishing increasingly its credibility for improving the productivity of land, generating employment, improving the economic condition of farmers and entrepreneurs, enhancing export […]

Horticulture in Tripura

Horticulture is the art and science of the cultivation of plants. Horticulturists work and conduct research in the fields of plant propagation and cultivation, crop production, plant breeding and genetic engineering, plant biochemistry, and plant physiology. The work particularly involves fruits, berries, nuts, vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs, and turf. Horticulturalists work to improve crop yield, […]

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