Road Accidents In North-east India : A Growing Concern

We, Indians pay a fair amount of money for our roads — from taxes on fuel, road, and vehicle to Toll.  But we don’t get a whole lot of road safety in return. More than 1, 50,000 people die in road accidents in our country every year. Does anyone really care? Do we follow traffic […]

Air Pollution in Northeast India

Air pollution is a growing concern in India. A 2017 World Health Organization (WHO) report stated that 14 of the 15 most polluted cities in the world based on particulate matter (PM) 2.5 levels were in India with Kanpur taking the ignominious lead followed by Faridabad, Varanasi and Gaya. In PM 10 level, Delhi had […]


Prelude Once upon a time in 1963 rubber had stepped its first root in the soil of Tripura. The state of Tripura, in the north eastern part of India, has a geographical area of 10,491 sq. km which is only about 13% of Assam and about 27% of Kerala. It is land locked in the […]

Comparison: Sonia Gandhi vs Narendra Modi

When the comparison lies between these two people as the Prime Ministerial Candidate, on one side we see a sharp political brain with the enormous backing from the party and on the other side we have somebody who is deemed to be the epitome of a developing Nation but lesser support from his party contemporary. […]

Who will be Congress’s Prime Ministerial Candidate for 2014 elections?

With the incumbent 2014 elections, two of the biggest problems which will be faced by Congress dominated UPA Government will be – to sort out its Prime Ministerial Candidate. It has been seen time and again that a party as a whole wins an election, but they do need to project some figure as their leader. They need to project […]

Comparison – Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi

Comparison – The term itself signifies a common platform where two or more individual/material/object or whatever are assessed on the basis of the strong and weak points of each of them. With the impending 2014 elections, and with the Huge unpopularity of the Honorable Prime Minister over the issue of Being a PM, the general […]

Top Scams in India

Accused Gentleman Scam Name Description Year Estimated Amount A. Raja 2G spectrum scam Irregularities in allotting Wireless Radio Spectrum to ineligible Private operators by Telecom Ministry. License was given at a very low price, resulting in Huge National Loss 2007 – Exposed 2010 Rs. 1.76 Lakh Crore ( Rs. 176000000000) Suresh Kalmadi CWG Scam (Common […]

Corruption- A Small Comparison..

  Its easy to generalize the act of corruption, but tougher is to point out the examples. Being an Indian, I know that corruption is rampant in every part of the Country – from Top to Bottom. But let me point out 2 places where sheer Endeavour of the Govt. is responsible for the development […]

India Against Corruption…Baba Ramdev Chapter..

I am neither a Politics Fanatic nor do I have a good General Knowledge. I believe in facts and have faith in the works that a person does. When Anna Hazare started his fast, the modern India was taken by shiver. People say that they have seen 21st Century Gandhiji. And rightly he did it. […]

Review Balaji – performance in IPL4, IPLT20

Cricket is more Batsmen oriented game and that’s the reason people say that bowlers have very few to do when a batman is on form. When Stuart Broad was hit for 6 sixes in an over, you could even forgive him as it came of shear genius of Yuvi. Broad did try to bowl properly […]

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