Download/Installation of Windows 8 Developers Preview

Step by Step Guide to Download/Installation of Windows 8 Developers Preview How many of you have ever used the Original version of Windows. For those who have not, it is your chance to get it, and that too Windows 8, but for a limited period of time. Rather than giving a long lecture on what […] Ads in Browser, Remove it. Ads in Browser, Remove it. Advertising agencies have been innovating new ways to market their products. Initially Banner Ads, then TV ads, Radio ads, and now the most happening is Web ads. There are many types of web advertisements like Text ads, Image ads, Pop-up ads, Pop-Under ads, many many more. But the latest […]

Upgradation Problem to WordPress 3.2 / Admin area not accessable

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 262144 bytes exhausted Recently We have observed an error while upgrading to WordPress 3.2 from its previous version (may be 3.1). The problem is, once we upgrade, the site remains fine for normal viewers, but the Admin area is not accessible. As we click on any button upon logging […]

VideoChatting in Facebook

Video Chatting in Facebook The Latest war in Web world is between the Giants – Google and Facebook. Google has launched its Social Networking Site Google Plus with the vision of Giving Facebook a tough fight. One og the Key features of Google Plus is its Hangout Feature where Users can do not only video […]

Google Plus

People Call it Facebook Killer. But is it so? Only time can find out what G+ is.  

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