“Bisharjan” of Sanhati Club 52 feet Durga Idol

Agartala, 28.10.2012: Today, On the last day of Bijoya Dashami, the Sanhati Club members tried to give bisharjan to Devi Durga in a Unique way. Ideally, the Durga Idol/Murti is taken to a water body like river or Pond and is submerged in water, a process we call “Bisharjan”. But due to the enormous size […]


Sabroom, 27.12.2012: Probably no where in Tripura such a unique Bijoya Dashami is organised. A play ground popularly known as Melarmath on the heart of the town is decorate with lights and barricades of bamboo. During the evening of Dashami all the idols from each and every club of Sabroom town gets assembled at Melarmath. […]

DASHAMI – “Maa, Aaschhe bochhor Aabar hobe”

Agartala, 25.10.2012: Dashami was celebrated this year on 25th October. Dashami marks the bisharjan of Maa Durga and thus a wait for another long year for the Devi to return will all her Glory. So we can Rightly Say…”Maa, Aaschhe bochhor Aabar hobe” Pic: Abhishek and Kritartha DebBarma

ASHTAMI Puja at Tripura

Agartala, 22.10.2012: ASHTAMI is considered to be the 3rd day of Durga Puja. This year Ashtami Puja is celebrated on 22nd October. For more pics, visit Pic: Abhishek DebBarma

Colourfull lights marks the advent of Durga Puja

Agartala, 17.10.12: With Music floating in the air and Colorful lights lightening up the nights, the city welcomes the arrival of Maa Durga. It is the time to get ready for Bengale’s all time favorite Durga Puja. Pic: Abhishek DebBarma

Sanhati Club at Agartala inaugurated its 52 Feet Durga Murti

Agartala, 16.10.2012: Today Sanhati Club officially inaugurated its 52 feet Durga Murti. There was a huge gathering at Shankar Chowmuhmi to take a look at the Maa Durga Idol. This Idol is considered to be the Tallest Durga Idol in Entire North-East India The Face of 52 Feet Durga Murti at Agartala A huge mass […]

Shaarod Borone SRIJAN: Mahalaya Celebration at Agartala

Agartala, 15.10.2012: SHAAROD BORONE SRIJAN: This is the 16th year SRIJAN, the socio-cultural organization is performing the programme as titled on the dawn of Mahalaya. During the year 1997, some young, energetic, cultural minded music students has initiated t form the group SRIJAN. there is no Secretary, President or any other port folio. Every member […]

Tripura Durga Puja Update: Deshabondhu Chittaranjan Club

Agartala, 15.10.2012: In our constant endeavor to showcase Durga Puja, here goes a few pics from Deshabondhu Chittaranjan Club. For Complete coverage, visit our special Tripura Durga Puja 2012 section. Pic: Abhishek DebBarma

Tripura Durga Puja 2012 Update: Chhatrabondhu Club – Special work with Towel

Agartala, 14.10.2012: Here comes a special update of Durga Puja 2012. Chhatrabondhu Club near Netaji Chowmuhni is having special work this year with towels. Check out the photos below. For Complete coverage, visit our special Tripura Durga Puja 2012 section. Pic: Abhishek DebBarma

Bishwakarma Puja preparations at Agartala

Agartala, 15.09.2012: Bishwakarma Puja Preparations¬† at Agartala prior to Durga Puja. This Year Bishwakarma Puja will be celebrated on 17th September 2012   Pic: Abhishek DebBarma

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